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Flue Gas of Oxygen-firing Compression and Purification

The main gas source for CO2 emission is from coal-fired power plant. So controlling the emission amount is a long-term and important task. Capture and storage of CO2 is a good way to reduce the emission of CO2. Capture includes capture before burning, after burning and oxygen-firing burning. 

Related research has shown that oxygen-firing is more economic than carbon capture before burning and after burning. We cooperated with Shenhua Guohua Electric Power Research Institute to develop integrated acid gas removal process which is a new CCUS process(carbon capture, utilization and storage process). By this technology, the CO2 from flue gas of coal-firing power plant can be compressed into liquid CO2 that conforms industrial grade or storage grade. Meanwhile, SO2、NOx and Hg in flue gas are removed. The investment and running cost of equipment will be greatly reduced.

We cooperated with Shenhua Guohua Electric Power Research Institute and developed project experiment platform to start system design on CO2 compression and purification from 200MW oxygen-firing &carbon capture of coal-firing electric power plant. We provided core technologies of CO2 capture and compression. 

We provide circulating fluidized bed (CFB) oxygen-firing flue gas capture and treatment technology for Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Science. In this project, IET provide flue gas of 1MW circulating fluidized bed oxygen-firing. We focused on capture and treatment on the flue gas CO2.

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