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Engineering cases

Carbon dioxide recovery project for Nanjing Messer Group

发布时间:2016年12月14日 15:10:53

Dry ice preparation plant

发布时间:2016年12月14日 09:38:35

Dry ice gas recovery plant

发布时间:2016年07月08日 15:22:38

Food-grade carbon dioxide preparation from waste gases

发布时间:2016年06月14日 19:50:04

Food grade carbon dioxide preparation technology from carbonaceous material

发布时间:2016年06月14日 19:40:52

Super high purity(electronic grade) carbon dioxide preparation

发布时间:2016年06月14日 19:29:23

Carbon dioxide recovery and dry ice product project in Iindia

发布时间:2016年06月14日 19:26:33

Our company undertakes the CO2 recovery and dry ice preparation project by taking using of waste gas from CaCl2 product plant for GUJARAT FLUORO CHEMICALS LIMITED which is the flagship company of famous INOX group in India. Advanced and Low energy consumption CO2 purification and preparation technology is adopted.

Carbon dioxide recovery project for Meifeng-Messer Group

发布时间:2016年06月14日 19:20:56

Our company was responsible to build the first carbon dioxide project in China for the Messer Group. We provided engineering design, equipment supply, installation guide and commissioning. It has been put into production.

Carbon dioxide recovery project in Vietnam alcohol fermentation plant

发布时间:2016年06月14日 19:13:18

This project uses fermentation gas of alcohol factory to product food-grade liquid carbon dioxide. The product conforms to ISBT standard.

GTL Synthesis Purification Pilot Plant Initiated by American Energy Department

发布时间:2016年06月14日 19:05:18

The project is national grade research topic which is initiated by American energy department and researched by Kentucky University. The project is mainly focused at using the low-grade lignite to achieve oil-making with coal and hydrogenation. It is the science research project of American new energy and alternative energy. It aims to reduce the reliance of traditional energy. Our company provided core technologies and equipments for synthetic gas purification in this project.

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