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Company introduction

Our company is specialized at food-grade carbon dioxide preparation from different kinds of chemical gases, fermentation gas, tail gas of power factory, combustion of carbonaceous materials. The products conform to ISBT, Pepsi and Coca-Cola's Standard. Also, our company provide super high purity(electronic grade) carbon dioxide preparation technologies and products, and the product standard complies with Japanese Showa Denko Standard and Taiwan SanFu Chemical Standard. Our company is mainly focused on the technical R&D and innovation of carbon dioxide recovery, capture and refining areas. We will provide you with technical advisory, engineering design and equipment manufacturing, training, start-up and other services.

We have rich experience in design, manufacturing and installation of more than 130 sets of food-grade carbon dioxide plants. These plants are exported to different countries and areas such as America, Vietnam, India, Tajikistan, Guinea, Indonesia, Cameroun, etc. The maximum capacity has reached 300000 t/a, minimum capacity: 50kg. Among them, plants of capacity above 200000 t/a has reached 6 sets; 100000~150000 t/a has reached 13 sets; plants of capacity below 100kt/a has reached more than 110 sets.

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